Gold Rate in Chennai

Chennai, on the Bay of Bengal in eastern India, is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu.

The current live gold price for Sunday 16 June 2024 in Chennai is ₹5,743 Per Gram (22ct).The gold price in Chennai has seen consistent change over the past few months. Now is the best time to buy, sell or invest in gold. Sell gold rings, necklaces, gold bars and more for high prices by utilising our gold rates to ensure you get the highest amounts. See below for the latest, today's gold rates in Chennai which is useful if your buying or selling gold here or nearby.

24 Carat Gold Rates Chennai
1 Gram ₹6,305
2 Grams₹12,610
5 Grams₹31,526
8 Grams₹50,442
10 Grams₹63,052
20 Grams₹126,105
50 Grams₹315,262
100 Grams₹630,524
22 Carat Gold Rates Chennai
1 Gram ₹5,883
2 Grams₹11,766
5 Grams₹29,416
8 Grams₹47,065
10 Grams₹58,831
20 Grams₹117,663
50 Grams₹294,157
100 Grams₹588,313