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Wednesday 29 March 2023
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गोल्ड प्राइस लाइव इंडिया में आपका स्वागत है!

In India there is something special about gold - It not only is valuable but it symbolizes wealth, prosperity and success. Gold jewellery is continuing to gain in popularity with both men and women. People are not only buying Gold rings, watches, necklaces' for their friends, family or themselves, but for investment. Investors are always looking to buy any form of gold especially gold bars, coins and bullion.

Today's gold price in India is ₹4,777 per Gram (22ct), which is a general price and isn't region/city specific. The gold price in India varies across regions/cities due to various factors including market conditions (both locally and internationally), the general availability of gold, market demand and additional charges such as local and state government taxes and transportation costs.

Our Live Gold Rates are designed for anyone who interested in the value of their gold or the gold rate in general. The gold rates we provide are presented in local currency, and are obtained dynamically through our trusted sources including the Multi Commodity Exchange of India to deliver consistent, up-to-date and no dealer markup gold rates.


Top Gold Rates India
24k Gold Items ₹5,211 Per Gram
22k Gold Items₹4,777 Per Gram
20k Gold Items₹4,342 Per Gram
18k Gold Items₹3,908 Per Gram
14k Gold Items₹3,040 Per Gram
9k Gold Items₹1954 Per Gram
24 Carat Gold Rates India
1 Gram ₹5,211
2 Grams₹10,422
5 Grams₹26,055
8 Grams₹41,687
10 Grams₹52,109
20 Grams₹104,218
50 Grams₹260,545
100 Grams₹521,090
22 Carat Gold Rates India
1 Gram ₹4,777
2 Grams₹9,553
5 Grams₹23,883
8 Grams₹38,213
10 Grams₹47,767
20 Grams₹95,533
50 Grams₹238,833
100 Grams₹477,666

Gold News India

Latest gold news relevant for India, sourced from around the world.

Gold Increases During COVID

The value of gold has shown a steady increase lately across various cities including Mumbai and Chennai.

Sell Your Gold in Chennai

We often get asked what is the best way to sell your gold in Chennai. Here are some of our top tips for selling gold.

What Gold Items to Sell?

The best thing about gold is that it comes in various shapes and sizes. From rings and necklaces to large gold bullion!

सोने की कीमत भारत

How often are the gold rates updated?

Gold Price Live India is designed to meet consumer needs for industry standard, on-demand gold rates and prices. We update the price dynamically, on a highly consistent basis so you can guarantee our prices are current, accurate and purpose met. By checking the live gold price, you're investing in current information that'll support your Gold trading endeavours whether you're buying, selling or investing in any major city across India.

How are the live gold prices calculated?

Our live gold prices are calculated by using various trusted gold sources from India and across the world. Factors that influence the price of gold include currency, interest rates, general gold demand and the country's government. These factors and more are used to also calculate gold prices for the most searched cities. If a city is missing and you would like us to provide live gold prices for it, please contact us and we'll see what we can do!

How do I calculate the value of my gold item?

You can use the live gold rate from this website to calculate the value of any gold item simply by multiplying the carat gold rate by the weight of the gold item - which results in an accurate estimated value. Click here to use gold calculator india.

When is the best time to sell gold in India?

It is always a good time to sell gold as long as you make sure you are selling to a quality gold broker and that you compare what they are paying you to the prices provided on this website - All of our gold prices have NO markup, broker fees etc.

When is the best time to buy gold in India?

Just like many things, the best time to buy gold is when the demand is low, the currency isn't strong and interest rates are low.

Why is gold a good investment in India?

Gold prices have risen constantly throughout the past few years, it maintains value and it can be sold to a number of different sources easily.

India City Gold Rates
City22 Carat24 Carat
Chennai ₹49,167 ₹52,509
Bangalore ₹48,767 ₹52,309
Mumbai ₹49,867 ₹53,059
Chandigarh ₹49,967 ₹53,169
Delhi ₹49,967 ₹53,309
Lucknow ₹49,967 ₹53,199
Ahmedabad ₹49,867 ₹53,159
Kerala ₹48,457 ₹51,619
Surat ₹49,857 ₹53,109
Mysore ₹48,807 ₹51,969
Hyderabad ₹49,277 ₹52,509
Patna ₹50,277 ₹53,579
Kolkata ₹50,307 ₹53,589
Nagpur ₹47,767 ₹53,059
Pune ₹47,767 ₹53,049
Bhubaneswar ₹47,767 ₹53,109
Coimbatore ₹49,307 ₹52,499
Vadodara ₹49,907 ₹53,109
Jaipur ₹49,907 ₹53,139
Madurai ₹49,257 ₹52,499
Vijayawada ₹49,287 ₹52,529
Mangalore ₹48,767 ₹51,969
Visakhapatnam ₹49,297 ₹52,529
Nashik ₹47,767 ₹52,109